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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to you to seek your opinion and support for a joint collaboration to create a Veterinary All Trials Initiative. At this stage we’re not looking for any formal support or financial commitment. Our goal is to assess the interest of the veterinary community in a veterinary clinical trials registry, and to begin building a network of individuals interested in supporting and contributing to the realisation of this project. The first step is to form a consortium to provide input on policy, governance, existing standards, operations and funding options. The history of the initiative is described below.

We value your thoughtful comments about this endeavour and request you complete a brief online survey [1]. It should take no more than five minutes of your time. Please also distribute this announcement to your membership, colleagues, institution or anyone else you believe has a vested interest in this initiative.

[1] Survey:


The All Trials ( initiative has been very successful in the human medical field at drawing attention to the importance of registering and publishing all clinical trials involving patients. By making it clear what trials have been undertaken and ensuring all results are available, patients can be reassured that their involvement in trials is making a real difference, patients and doctors can make evidence-based decisions regarding the most appropriate treatments, and duplication in research can be avoided.

An international group of interested organizations and individuals within the veterinary profession are working together to establish a consortium to develop a veterinary version of All Trials. Charter organisations currently involved include:

It is important that the veterinary profession and the animal owning public know what trials have been conducted or are ongoing and what they hope to achieve. We would also like to see all trial outcomes reported (including scientific publications and research data) and made available using existing open access, content and data licensing models. This will avoid patients, owners and veterinarians becoming involved in trials whose results are never made available. It will also improve the evidence base available to enable properly-informed clinical decision making.

Together, through this initiative, we can make a real difference to the quality and reporting of veterinary research, and in the welfare of the animals in veterinary care. To participate in the survey, sign our petition, share your expertise in our forum, receive periodic updates on progress by email or follow us on social media, please go to

Yours Sincerely,