December 2015

AllTrials and Veterinary Medicine

Sep 2015

Best Evidence, Better Care, the 7th EBVMA Symposium, was held on 13 November 2015 (online webinar, international) and featured a keynote presentation from author and researcher Dr. Ben Goldacre (University of Oxford, Sense About Science, TED Talks) on Missing Trials. Dr. Goldacre was followed by a VetAllTrials panel presentation with Dr. Lauren Quattrochi (AllTrials USA), Dr. Rachel Dean and Dr. Stuart Turner (VetAllTrials Consortium).

Summer 2015

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VetAllTrials is an emerging international consortium dedicated to the development of one or more veterinary clinical trial registries. We are also involved in the development of policies and standards that support the open access publication of research outcomes and clinical trial data – worldwide.

The registration of all interventional trials is a scientific, ethical and moral responsibility[1]

We are aligned with the AllTrials initiative which is focused on clinical trials in human medicine (also see their new U.S. site sponsored by Sense About Science launched on 29 July 2015). AllTrials currently has support from approximately 85,000 individuals and 575 organisations. The AllTrials ethos is All trials registered, all results reported. You can learn more about what AllTrials is calling for, myths and objections, why it matters and what participation means from their site (but please come back here and support veterinary medicine too).

While there are many similarities, veterinary medicine has unique technical and knowledge representation requirements, incentives, policies and resource constraints compared to human medicine. Work is starting to harmonize requirements and specifications with existing clinical trial registry environments such as or the WHO International Clinical Trial Registry Platform.

This discovery period involves an initial survey conducted by the Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine at Nottingham University.

We are asking for your help and guidance with community outreach, requirements gathering, and review of existing legal requirements, policies, standards and specifications.  The roadmap for Development/implementation (i.e., open standard specification and reference implementation), pilot (launch and refinement of one or more reference implementations) and evaluation will depend on progress in forming the consortium and gathering requirements.

[1] World Health Organization

Current charter organizations and active members (not inclusive) of each.

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